The Council of Europe manual on “Hate Speech”

Council of Europe 21 September 2011

For anyone interested in “Hate speech”, the Council of Europe has published a 104 page manual detailing what exactly might be considered “Hate speech”, and thus subject to serious preventive punishment. From the manual (page 5):

The identification of statements that could be classified as “hate speech” seems all the more difficult because this kind of speech does not necessarily manifest itself through expressions of “hatred” or emotions. “Hate speech” can be concealed in statements which at a first glance may seem to be rational or normal.”

Potential “Hate Speechers” are encouraged to read the manual. It is surprisingly easy, according to the Council of Europe and Anne Weber, to engage in “Hate Speech”. The easiest way to do so is to engage in Discrimination, which according to the Lisbon Treaty is outlawed in every form.

Note that also anti-Semitism is considered “Hate speech”. Thus, anti-Semitic passages in text as in speech, including religious, is to be outlawed and punished, if equality before the law is to be properly upheld.

As a proper Citizen of the European Union, you are probably supposed to appreciate the broadness of the definitions, which will enable courts all over the continent to punish expressions that are seen as unsettling, controversial and potential sources of trouble and unrest.

Read the entire “Hate Speech” manual here.

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