If we refuse to even name our enemy …

… how can we ever hope of actually defeating it?

The British government is doing a lousy job so far.

How can they even gain our trust in their will and ability to win?

Remember 1984? The three main countries on the planet were in a perpetual state of low-level war, with lesser attacks here and there to maintain a state of alarmism that could empower the leaders.

Balancing the scales between defeat and victory serves as a tool to empower the leaders. After a decisive victory they would have to relinquish the power, let go of the video surveillance, abandon the wiretapping laws for the Internet and so on. For those desiring power, that is not an attractive suggestion.

But the reality may be worse. It may be that our leaders, and the British in particular, are so afraid of taking even the minutest risk that they prefer to win without even fighting or risking any kind of trouble. That doesn’t work the least bit, of course.

What we need is a clear identification of the enemy. And the enemy is (suprise): Totalitarian Islam.

A democratic Islam is just fine. It’s the totalitarian variant that is causing us to compromise our defense of civil liberties, to implement arcane and irrelevant laws and regulations on foods, clothing and other mundane items, and to silence those who speak up against the totalitarian trend.

We need either a new Churchill to rally the will for freedom, or a state willing to take the basic risks of defending our civil liberties, if freedom and democracy are to prevail.

On behalf of my British friends,

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