Cyprus: The Long Decline of International Law

EuropeNews July 21 2011

Today, July 20th 2011, marks the 37th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. While such acts by the invading countries are generally held to be illegal (and rightly so), Turkey has gotten away with the invasion and the ensuing occupation with remarkably few consequences. This is in great extent due to the non-application of international law and fundamental principles in the matter. Conversely, a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem can be found in classical international law. Matters not that hard to understand. Læs resten

Drop fastkursen, lad kronen flyde

Når den schweiziske storbank UBS foreslår Danmark at lade kronen flyde, er der al mulig grund til at tage det alvorligt. Der er ingen god grund til at Danmark skal være bundet til en euro i stadig dybere problemer, når vi nu har muligheden for at lade være. Fastkurspolitikken er nemlig ensidig dansk, der er ingen at spørge til råds eller om lov hvis vi beslutter os for at opgive den. Det kunne gøres i morgen. Læs resten

Barroso vs. Moody’s: Who do you trust?

EuropeNews 8 July 2011

Fresh from calling the Danes to order over their border control, European Commission Chairman José Manuel Barroso now faces the risk of a total financial meltdown in his native Portugal. Barroso moves to save Portugal from rating agencies and other detractors of the Portuguese economy.
As reported by EUobserver:

Portugal-born EU commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso on Wednesday (6 July) accused American credit rating agency Moody’s of being “biased” and “speculative” for downgrading its assessment of Portugal’s debt payment capacity. Læs resten

Fascists or National Socialists in the English Defence League?

EuropeNews July 2 2011

For people dealing seriously with the threat of Islamism in the West, two of the most common slurs are those of being either “Fascist”, “Nazi” (National Socialist) or “Extreme right-wing”. The English Defence League, probably the broadest based and most influential anti-Islamism movement in Europe today, certainly had their share of those, on top of extensive government harrassment. Læs resten