Video: Robert Spencer: “I used to believe in Muhammad”

KitmanTV, EuropeNews 6 June 2011

Robert Spencer, expert in Islamic history and ideology, was invited by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa and Politically Incorrect for their “Great Islam-critical Weekend June 2nd – 5th 2011. In this lecture, he explains the context for the left wing street battles (Stuttgart June 2nd) and the Jihad, and how this indicates that the Jihad in Europe is entering a new phase. Læs resten

Video: What the German left does not want you to hear

KitmanTV, EuropeNews 5 June 2011

After serious street battles on Thursday June 2nd 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany (Stuttgarter Nachrichten — note the presence of SPD, the German Social Democrats), the planned “Salute Israel Day” rally Sunday 5th was cancelled, as the Stuttgart police declared themselves “Unable to guarantee the security” of the participants. Læs resten

Spencer versus the Leftist/Islamic alliance

Here is video of my talk before violent Antifa pro-jihad demonstrators in Stuttgart, Germany yesterday. (Video courtesy Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell and Europe News; thanks to ESW.) It gives you a hint of the atmosphere. I will post my photos as soon as I can, which will be next week at the earliest. Here again is the account I posted a few hours ago about the event:

Thursday afternoon I spoke in Stuttgart, Germany at the invitation of the human rights group Pax Europa. The event was well advertised, and so the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance mobilized and was out in full force.

About 1000 Antifa protesters showed up, banging drums, holding signs with the usual accusations of racism and “Islamophobia,” blowing whistles, and menacing people who came out for the Pax Europa event. There were also about 500 German police on hand in riot gear. The Pax Europa organizers told me, “This is all for you” — because they had publicized that I would be there. One young man came up to me as I was standing right in front of a line of German police and said, “You’re lucky there are so many police here today.”

Pax Europa had planned a full program featuring Middle Eastern Christian musicians, a Coptic Christian activist, and others, so as to highlight the hollowness of the Islamic supremacist narrative of Muslim victimhood and anti-jihadist racism. But the police ordered the Pax Europa organizers to drastically reduce the scope of their event. Everyone was restricted to ten minutes only. Several participants opted not to appear, in light of the manifest danger. Antifa people were attacking supporters of Pax Europa. I saw several individuals being chased by rabid Leftist gangs. At least one man went to the hospital.

The police used loudspeakers to call on Antifa twice to disperse, as Pax Europa had lawfully reserved the space for their event. The Antifa people responded only by moving forward, chanting slogans, banging their drums, and holding aloft the usual Leftist kitsch — Che Guevara, the hammer and sickle, the Palestinian flag, signs denouncing Islamophobia, etc. The police moved them back a bit but did not ask them again to disperse, and allowed the Pax Europa event to begin.

It was an incredible din. We had loudspeakers that appeared to be able to reach the considerable crowd behind the protesters, but the Antifa thugs did all they could to drown us out: the drums got louder, the vuvuzelas came out, they were blowing whistles, and of course they were screaming and yelling.

They started throwing things: bottles, eggs, excrement and more. One bottle narrowly missed the Coptic activist’s head and crashed onto the stage — other bottles crashed at our feet. Several speakers were hit with eggs. The manure they threw was all over the stage floor.

I stood right in front (they missed me; I dodged a few projectiles) and watched them as they screamed and gestured and threw things — it was like looking into the pit of hell. Here were young people passionately committed to their cause and believing it to be that of justice and freedom, and they are eager and willing useful idiots for the most radically intolerant ideology on the planet. So when my turn came to speak, I addressed them, and told them just that. I told them they wouldn’t like what happened to them when their friends took power, but by then it would be too late.

And it may be already, for Europe. But I was glad to be there yesterday, and to stand against what was so obviously a force for oppression, hatred, and evil.

UPDATE: You can see photos here. I also have many, but will not be able to post them until next week, so watch this space.

TRANSCRIPT: The full text of the speech to the Antifa mob is appended below:

And now another guest:
Robert Spencer from the USA.
Robert, it is up to you to talk to the people.

I came from the United States of America to stand for freedom, with all free people, against the forces of oppression and darkness which you are representing.

I came here in order to stand with the people who are fighting for the freedoms that makes it possible for you to do what you are doing today.

Not the violence and hatred, but to stand and dissent, but you can’t stand to have an (inaudible), you can’t stand having dissent, you have to try to throw bottles, and to crowd us up, because you are cowards, because|you know that you stand for nothing except oppression and darkness and hatred, and that is why you are there.
And that is why I am here.

You are fighting for the most radically intolerant and hateful ideology on the planet. Everywhere in the world, everywhere in the world, where there are Muslims and non-Muslims, there is conflict because the Muslims attack the non-Muslims. because unceasing they wage war against the non-believers, and they subjugate them.

You are already subjugated! You are already their useful idiots. You are already their tools. You are out here in their service. And you think your fight is for freedom. You are fighting for your own slavery! You are fighting for your own enslavement. And it will come. It will come to you.

You are fighting for an ideology that denies the freedom of speech, and one day you will wish you had the freedom of speech that you are trying to fight against today.

You are fighting for an ideology that denies the freedom of conscience
and will kill you if you disagree, which is exactly what you want to do already. You are fighting on behalf of an ideology which denies the equality of rights for women, and all the women among you will one day be enslaved, if you get what you want.

You are fighting for the destruction of all the freedoms that you enjoy. You are fighting for the (inaudible) defeat of your own selves, of your own lives. You are slaves seeking slavery. You are the oppressed loving your oppression.

And thinking that you are standing for freedom, you are the most foolish, you are the most evil, foolish, people on Earth.

We are standing for the human rights of all people. Of the oppressed Christians in Indonesia,|in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Sudan you just heard about, We are standing for the oppressed people|who are fighting the Islamic Jihad. Everywhere around the world,|in Israel, everywhere around the world.

And so, in closing, I have to say:
Shame on you!

Further information about the invading mob and its supporting organisations:

The first major action of the invading forces was to occupy the stage where the event was to take place, at 15:40, 20 minutes before the announced starting time. Unfortunately, this took place with no resistance from the police. The police was following events closely and created an extensive video record of it all. Accusations of ‘police violence’ has become a major problem for the German police, and they were clearly well prepared to document in detail how the day was proceeding.Stage occupied, the whole area became filled with victorious Antifa activists and sympathisers. Horns, drumbeats and slogans made it clear who controlled the area, and photographers where repeatedly intimidated and threatened to abstain from filming the events unfolding. Police officers joined the activists on stage, and at 15:54 made the first attempt to clear the stage for the event to commence at 16:00 as planned. Next attempt at 15:59.

Things in a stalemate, it was interesting to study who were supporting the disturbances. Flags and banners were observed from at least the following organization, who one must assume would be held responsible for any violence and damage done:

All the while, the police was negotiating with the roughly one dozen black-clad activists who were holding the stage. The negotiations went on for quite a while, but did not lead to the desired goal of liberating the stage to pave way for the event to proceed. The activists were visibly aggressive towards the police, and several were arrested and taken away. Eventually the police abandoned the dialogue approach and – much to the fury of the crowd – cleared the stage by force. The police line advanced to clear the place in front of the stage to make room for the audience, but the black-clad activists did not yield until pepper spray and batons were taken into use. Light injuries and further arrests took place.The Palestinian flag was carried very prominently during the entire event. This is another curious twist, for Palestinian organisations like Fatah and Hamas are known for anti-semitic sentiment, and Hamas even quotes the same sources as the National Socialists did, as concerns Jews.

As can be expected given the composition of the crowd, slogans against capitalism are also on display. It seems that these people are not aware that the most prominent anti-Capitalist movement in German history was .. the National Socialists.

Antifa supporters frequently tried to stop people from filming and taking pictures. The crowd seems to be unaware that intimidation and control of the press has been a cornerstone of each and every fascist movement in history, and that by doing what they do, they are acting like fascists themselves.

Anyway, we held our event, albeit with the police not preventing the Antifa goons from hurling projectiles at us. But we stood and faced them, indicating our determination never to surrender.

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