Morten Messerschmidt: The Euro will crash and burn

Dansk Folkeparti 23 Februrary 2011
By Karsten Holt, translated by Henrik R. Clausen

Already today we’re all footing the bills for the foolish adventures of the Euro-dreamers. It won’t be long until Portugal and Spain will also need money – our money – from the European Union, just like Greece and Ireland before them. In that case, the coffer will be empty. The newly created European Stability Mechanism will simply be out of means. Læs resten

Brigitte Gabriel: Because They Hate

EuropeNews 9 February 2011

Because They Hate is a very personal book. It is basically autobiographic, describing the life of Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian who grew up in docile countryside settings, with nothing in her childhood to suggest an exiting and dangerous life, taking her first to Israel and ultimately to the US.

The book takes a largely chronological approach to explaining what went on in southern Lebanon, primarily in those fateful years in the late 1970’s. From 1975 onwards a strange kind of war took place, a war inadequately described as a “Civil war” in the West, but what was in reality an Islamic insurgency supported and sponsored by the Soviet Union. Læs resten

The Free Word

Jyllands-Posten 2 February 2011
Translated by Henrik R Clausen

It is encouraging to see that as a reaction to the pointless charges for ‘racism’ against Lars Hedegaard, chairman of the Danish Free Press Society, the Danish parliament finally seems to have a majority for changing the law in question, article 266b in the Danish penal code. But it is premature to lean back and believe that now all is well. Læs resten