Understanding the Arab Lobby

EuropeNews 30 October 2010

The Arab Lobby by Mitchell Bard is a detailed account of the organisations, fronts and persons that make up an Arab lobby in the United States of America. While the Israel lobby (primarily AIPAC) is well known and often mentioned, at times even inspiration forconspiracy theories, the Arab lobby is less well defined, has very limited public support, yet has significant influence on US policies and the educational system. ”The Arab Lobby” is an ambitious effort to set the record straight. Læs resten

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam is a political movement

Dansk Folkeparti 17 October 2010
By Søren Espersen & Ayaan Hirsi Ali, translation Henrik R. Clausen

“It makes no sense to differentiate between Islam and Islamism. One, sympathetically, probably tries to say that Islam is a normal religion, but the point is that Islam by its nature is a political movement, and that the religious dimension is cosmetic.” Læs resten

Standing for Freedom in Berlin

EuropeNews 4 October 2010

On the German Reunification Day October 3rd, Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (”Citizens Movement Pax Europa”, BPE) held a demonstration on Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, for freedom of expression, freedom to criticize religion, against totalitarian ideologies at large, and against political Islam in particular. This report will focus on the messages conveyed by banners and flags. Læs resten