Found it: The Islamic Golden Age!

EuropeNews 19 September 2010

Book essay: The Closing of the Muslim Mind, by Robert R. Reilly.

One of the more interesting memes regarding Islam is that of a so-called “Golden Age”, a historical period when the Islamic world was affluent, progressive and a great place to live. As a historical, physical fact, that meme has been proven false. However, in the secluded area of philosophy, things are somewhat different. As the introduction states:

This book is about one of the greatest intellectual dramas in human history. Its landscape is the Muslim mind. Læs resten

The Incompetence of the Federal Reserve

EuropeNews 30 August 2010

This is commentary on an article in The Economist, online edition,Clearing the Air. It is not radically different than other articles concerning the Federal Reserve, monetary policy and speculations about what will happen next. It deserves some analysis, for otherwise this reporting is more confusing than helpful. And while this concerns the US Federal Reserve, the situation regarding the European Central Bank (ECB) is quite similar. Læs resten

Teaching Sweden about Islam

EuropeNews 3 September 2010

In Denmark, it is well known that the Swedish public debate about immigration, and Islam in particular, hardly exists

The established political parties have a tacit agreement not to discuss the developments, and a compliant press is very helpful towards achieving that goal. Only one political party, the nascent Sverigedemokraterna, is seeking to open the discussion in anticipation of the September 19th general elections. Læs resten

It must be permissible to say …

BILD Zeitung 4 September 2010
Translation: Henrik R. Clausen

These are sentences most Germans would sign without hesitating. Sentences that formulate misunderstandings, frequently catastrophic, in our country. In spite of this, they are sentences that in Germany trigger anguish, strife and furious discussions. BILD is of the opinion: We need NO ban on free speech! Especially not for inconvenient sentences such as these! Læs resten