Where Keynes Went Wrong

EuropeNews 28 July 2010

After the crisis of 2008, there emerged a broad consensus to attack the crisis head on trough extensive stimulus measures, government spending, injection of new ‘liquidity’ and lowering interest rates to what would formerly be considered absurd levels. This is largely based on Keynesian thinking, but we have not been explained the nuts and bolts of why this is expected to work, or what Keynes even thought and said in the first place.

Hunter Lewis addresses this in his book Where Keynes Went Wrong. Læs resten

Son of Hamas: How Compassion Beats Terrorism

Book essay: Son of Hamas 16 July 2010

Authored by Mosab Hassan Yousef, “Son of Hamas” is a riveting book. It is an autobiographical account of his upbringing in the Palestinian territories, where his father co-founded the Hamas movement, only to see living conditions deterioate from bad to worse, as violence, terrorism and security measures strangled what used to be a reasonably functional society. Læs resten