Let Greece have its default

EuropeNews 28 April 2010

Greece is rightfully making headlines these days, hovering on the edge of what would be a quite embarrassing default – an open admission that the country will not be able to pay back its staggering debt. While such an admission would cause turmoil, and probably a career change for several politicians, it remains the least harmful of available options. Læs resten

Wafa Sultan and the Hateful God

Gates of Vienna 24 April 2010

Wafa Sultan and her new book A God Who Hates - insight and courage make a great combinationWafa Sultan is a Syrian-born psychiatrist who jumped to world fame on Al-Jazeera by talking freely about the stagnation and repression of women in the Islamic world, and not least by saying to her male opponent: “Shut up, it’s my turn!”

Her new book, A God Who Hates, is a deeply moving and partly autobiographical journey through a world where paranoia, conspiracies and repression of women are the order of the day, and where any chance for a life in dignity, as understood in the West, seems ruled out. The book is 240 pages long and easily read. Læs resten