Discrimination Is Not Evil

Gates of Vienna, April 19th 2010
With AMT, additional translation by JLH

Dangerous confessorA couple of interesting, seemingly connected stories have come out of Austria. Both have to do with discrimination, yet the outcomes are very different. “Discrimination” is all the rage these days. Being able to discriminate used to be considered a positive, personal quality. Times have changed, and now “discrimination” is considered a serious crime.

The first story concerns a young English teacher, Mr. Maier. Working at an English language institute, he has been helping students prepare for their IELTS exam, an exam non-native speakers of English must take if they want to study at English or American universities. Mr. Maier’s success rate is a high one, and many of his former students have informed him about their scores, which are usually those the students were aiming for. Læs resten

We need a break from the Jihad

EuropeNews 17 March 2010

Colleen LaRose, commonly known as “Jihad Jane” for her plans to kill Lars Vilks, is just another example of the worldwide Jihad movement, which seeks to impose Islam on our free societies.

Now, the idea of having some arcane Arabic religion imposed on us is somewhat far-fetched, also in light of the fact that the Western world provides freedom and living conditions rarely found in the Islamic world. In order that we may pause from fear of random killing of our cartoonists, and that we can have a free debate on the merits of Islam in the West, we really need a pause from the Jihad. Læs resten

The Endgame for the Euro?

EuropeNews 16 March 2010

The news that some sort of bailout plan for Greece is in the works is bad, for the Europan Union, the euro and not least for European citizens. The decision, if carried through, would mark the end of the euro, and probably of the European Union as we know it.

It all looks very kind, and it has worked before, sortof. Countries have been saved from the humiliation of bankruptcy by the International Monetary Fund, and now the European Union is contemplating creating a similar “European Monetary Fund” to finance similar bailouts of countries that cannot live up to their debt obligations. This is going to fail, utterly. The question is: How bad will it be? Læs resten

Geert Wilders tale i det britiske Overhus

Mange tak. Det er pragtfuldt at være tilbage i London. Og det er dejligt, at jeg denne gang har lejlighed til at se mere af denne vidunderlige by end politistationen i Heathrow.

I dag står jeg foran Jer i dette fantastiske sted. Faktisk et helligt sted. Det er, som Malcolm altid siger, Alle Parlamenters Moder, og jeg føler mig ydmyg ved at have chancen for at tale til Jer her.

Tak til Dem, Lord Pearson og Lady Cox, for invitationen og for at vise min film Fitna. Tak, kære venner, for at have inviteret mig. Læs resten