Censorship: EuropeNews banned in the United Arab Emirates

EuropeNews, 27 January 2010

This is what you will get if trying to read EuropeNews from an address in the United Arab Emirates:

For a while now, EuropeNews has been banned in the United Arab Emirates. This is unfortunate, for also citizens of the Emirates deserve access to a broad overview of relevant news. Below are some details on the situation, as well as some technical tips. Læs resten

The Rotten Heart of the Union

EuropeNews 20 January 2010

Book essay: Brussels laid bare

There’s a lot invested in the European Union. Not only money (to the tune of €100 billion a year), also massive amounts of confidence from Europeans towards the Union, assuming that it will protect citizens / consumers from the evils of dangerous products, exploitative business and the dangers of the independent nation-state, all while protecting democracy and citizens’ rights. Former Chief Accountant Marta Andreasen has a discouraging tale to tell. Læs resten

Another year, another round of Islamic terrorism

EuropeNews 2 January 2010

The New Year opens in style, to the tune of more Islamic terrorist attacks. The most prominent being a Muslim of Somali origin breaking into the house of Kurt Westergaard, known for his bomb-in-turban drawing. The Muslim wanted to kill Kurt Westergaard for his cartoon, as it indicates that there may be some connection between Islam, Muhammad and terrorism. Killing the artist may not be the most elegant way to disprove that, but at least it gets Islam in the news. Again. Læs resten

Regime Change in Iran – Rally in Copenhagen

EuropeNews 2 January 2010

Today, January 2nd 2010, protesters in 28 cities stood up against the brutal Iranian regime, for freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the separation of the Iranian state from Islam. And, not least, for regime change in Iran and for holding the current rulers accountable for their crimes. Pictures and impressions are from the rally in Copenhagen, where 200-250 Danes and Iranians participated in the rally. Læs resten