My name is Farshad Kholghi, and I am a free man

EuropeNews 30 Sept 2009
By Farshad Kholghi

I love my freedom, which was granted me through the courage of my parents to defy grafity and flee from Iran of the fundamentalists. We fled to Denmark, because my parents belong to the Bahai’ faith, a new Iranian religion favouring equality, democratic thinking and enlightenment for all. It was banned when the Islamists seized power in Iran in 1979.

Today, whenever you turn on the television and see news from Iran, it is either an awfully angry man with a full beard screaming “Death to the West!”, or an awfully angry woman, with headscarf and a full beard, shoulting “Death to Israel and the USA!”

But the Iran that I remember is something very different. Læs resten

What kind of crisis do we need?

EuropeNews 24 Sept 2009

A friend of mine asked me recently what kind of crisis we’d need to make people wake up to the increasing risk from the Stealth Jihad – something like another Muhammad cartoon, or something dramatic with many people dead or wounded? Good question indeed.

Now, one basic principle underlies my opinion of this: I don’t like killing. Sure, another huge terrorist attack would call headlines and make lots of people aware of the risk of radical Islam. But would it help? I doubt it. Læs resten

A Reformed Monetary System? There’s an Elephant in the Room

EuropeNews 17 September 2009 (PDF here)

While academia, government and finance have yet to field a persuasive explanation of what caused the financial crisis, there is no shortages of proposed remedies. EuropeNews posts this report from the first day of a conference held by DIIS, Danish Institute for International Studies in Copenhagen, September 16th 2009, entitled:

Reforming the Bretton Woods institutio Læs resten

Danish Peoples’ Party: Muslims must Apologize

Berlingske Tidende 08 September 2009
By Troels Mylenberg

The Danish Member of Parliament Martin Henriksen suggests that Denmark demands Islamic countries to issue an apology for oppression of women, stoning and assaults on civil liberties.

In response to the frequent Islamic demands for apologies and withdrawals, the latest being from the Saudi lawyer Faisal A.Z. Yamani towards Danish newspapers reprinting the Muhammad cartoons, the Danish Peoples’ Party now takes aim in the opposite direction. Læs resten