Turkey in the European Union: A Bridge Too Far

Book essay by Henrik R Clausen. December 28 2008

Turkey in the European Union:
A Bridge Too Far 
By Philip Claeys & Koen Dillen
ISBN 978-90-78898-13-9
Uitgeverij Egmont, Belgium

Public debate about admitting Turkey as a full member of the European Union has been vague and late, the details of the matter as well as major decisions being taken by the European Commission and the heads of state. This book sets out to set the record straight, and despite occasional flaws does so with a vengeance. Læs resten

Death of a Jihadist web site

EuropeNews December 27 2008

Finally, one of the long-standing Jihadist web sites, Jihad Unspun, has gone off the web.

As we pointed out on October 28th in Recruiting Jihad Warriors, it has been a long-standing disgrace that these Jihadist web sites were permitted to operate with impunity, inspiring Jihad cells worldwide to bloodshed, actively recruiting new martyr wanna-be ‘devoted persons’ to “Allah’s cause”. Læs resten

They killed Benazir Bhutto

EuropeNews December 27 2008

They just killed Benazir Bhutto, the news are still coming in. Images of wrecked cars, mutilated bodies carried from the site, and fans of Bhutto in violent dispair.

A suicide attack. No demands, no kidnapping, no negotiations or dialogue. The attacker went in to shoot, then detonated his explosives when people where rushing to the rescue. While people are blaming the government for not providing enough security, the right people to blame are the ones who blew her beautiful body to a bloody mess.

Islamists are, by any measure, the most likely perpetrators. Læs resten

The Fed and the US Federal Debt

Gates of Vienna December 8 2008

While usually the stuff of conspiracy sites, I found that the question itself makes sense: Who actually does own the US Federal Reserve, and how does it work?

So I set out answer this question, and first found this.

While it contains a lot of basic facts (for example, the Fed was set up in 1913, not in 1917 as I thought before), the conclusions (more centralized power) didn’t make sense, nor did the loonie-left stuff on the page. Læs resten