The Great Deception (Part 1)

EuropeNews 12 Juni 2008
Book essay by Henrik Ræder Clausen

In these days, a fundamental question of European politics, and the EU in particular, is this:

Can the public still be permitted to have a say over the way things are run?

It has been argued that the Lisbon Treaty is way too complex for ordinary citizens to understand, not to mention to have a qualified opinion on, and thus referendums should be avoided, and important issues should be left for the elite to decide upon, untainted by the unqualified opinions of the undereducated masses. Læs resten

Danish Constitution Day Speech

By Morten Messerschmidt of Dansk Folkeparti
June 5th, 2008. Translation by Henrik R. Clausen

Last Monday (Pakistan, June 2nd 2008) we again experienced the tragic reality of the 21st century. Terror struck at Denmark — and we now find ourselves with such countries as UK, US, Spain, etc., singled out by Islamic fundamentalists as their main enemy. And why? Well, if you ask Radikale Venstre [centrist political party], we have only ourselves to blame. We shouldn’t have been sticking our necks out. If we had pursued a less active foreign policy, we would not have disturbed anyone, and thus no one would have disturbed us — this is the cheap world view on the Danish political left wing. Læs resten