What about that stone..?

EuropeNews February 29 2008

In all the fuss about an art exhibit, aggressive Muslims, fear and censorship, people tend to forget about the stone at the center of attention here. First a correction: The stone is not identical to the Kaaba The Kaaba is a building erected over the stone, renovated several times throughout history.

According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad himself took part in one of these reconstructions in the time before Islam, when the stone was part of the general Arabic tradition for stone worship. It might be hagiographical, but Muhammad is said to have lifted the stone into place in the Kaaba after the reconstruction. Læs resten

Motoon crisis Version 2

EuropeNews February 25 2008

Being based in Denmark, EuropeNews has a natural interest in the resurgent Muhammad cartoon crisis. It evokes a clear feeling “We’ve been here before”, and it shows also that we’ll end up here again. The Danish press stands tight in solidarity this time.

Islamists find the sancticity of Muhammad challenged, and in true Islamic fashion responds with anger. Religions differ, and we see here Muslims express their religious feelings in accordance with their tradition. Læs resten

Struggling with pedophilia in Islam

While the Pope is struggling hard with the problems of pedophilia in the Catholic church, and is now quite forthcoming in facing it and taking responsibility, pedophilia is still a minefield in Islam.

While not a problem exclusive to Islam, it is worthwhile to look at the ideological challenges in stopping this practice and helping women in Islamic countries to become free. This piece will explore some of the theoretical problems. Læs resten