If we refuse to even name our enemy …

… how can we ever hope of actually defeating it?

The British government is doing a lousy job so far.

How can they even gain our trust in their will and ability to win?

Remember 1984? The three main countries on the planet were in a perpetual state of low-level war, with lesser attacks here and there to maintain a state of alarmism that could empower the leaders. Læs resten

Countering the goals, not just the means, of terrorists

EuropeNews January 04 2008

An aquintance of mine recently mentioned a novel idea for a university thesis on terrorism: That terrorism is a tool to force certain changes upon society. This is a very interesting approach. In identifying the intended changes on the side of the terrorists, it just might become easier to identify more precisely how to counter them, undo the damage done, and eventually remove the very monumentum of the terrorists. Læs resten

‘Humanitarian’ intervention: a bad idea

EuropeNews January 12 2008

Pondering the complexities of cleaning up the results of our ‘humanitarian interventions’, I did a little Wikipedia digging on the subject and its consequences for international law.

Three articles here: Westphalian sovereigntyContingent sovereigntyHumanitarian intervention

This is a dangerous development, at least seen from the perspective of the right of people to govern their own countries. The ‘moral imperative’ to intervene is a violation of the principles of the Peace of Westphalia. This is no secret, it has been discussed quite extensively in the media. Læs resten