The legacy of bad promises

EuropeNews October 21 2007

Here is an interesting editorial about the Mistrust between Turkey and the US. It follows the Turkish government line with loyalty, which is obviously not so good for the neighbours of Turkey. One can easily be dismissive about that, but there is a point that Sedat Laciner gets absolutely right:

The legacy of bad promises.

Laciner focuses primarily on the anti-American sentiment. Here, I will look closer on a different angle, that of Cyprus: Læs resten

Pakistani trouble

EuropeNews October 7 2007

Here’s the BBC reaction to Musharraf being re-elected. He hopes for ‘national unity’, yet prays to Allah. This s a troublesome combination.

National Geographic in its September issue has an article, which with skill and courage goes to the roots of the problems (except the ‘Excellent idea’ mentioned below, though). Pakistan is originally founded in 1947, with the intention of having a secular state – with Islamic culture but basically secular. A genuine democracy where religion would not be a political factor. Kindof like Turkey, right? Just Pakistan has over twice the population of Turkey, and nuclear weapons, too. Læs resten