The “Democratic Golden Rule”

EuropeNews September 30 2007

The ‘Democratic golden rule’ is a simple response to the classical question: “What is democracy except the right to throw a ballot every 4 years?” The real short answer is: “Everything”.

The slightly longer response, which constistutes the golden rule, runs:

“Don’t bother chosing the politician who agrees with you. Choose the one most likely to listen to you.” Læs resten

Inviting Ahmadinejad – good or bad?

EuropeNews September 28 2007

See also Analysis: For Ahmadinejad in NY, a job worryingly well done & Column One: Ahmadinejad’s overlooked message

The recent lies by Iranian president Ahmadinejad about the non-existance of homosexuals in Iran sure caught some headlines. While Ahmadinejad and his government are certainly doing their best to eradicate gays, exterminating the entire segment of their population sounds unlikely. I don’t believe they’ve done that, and have documentation to prove it, here by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Læs resten

Turkey: What’s up with that scarf?

EuropeNews September 24 2007

The issue of the Turkish ban on headscarves is in the media again after Erdogan quietly suggested to modify (lessen) the ban of using it in public institutions by lifting the ban at universities.

This is an interesting move on the side of the Islamist AKP government: Gül promised to respect the constitution – now Erdogan works to change that very constitution to Islamist ends. Læs resten